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Look for us at the Winter Farmer's Market in Milwaukee!!!   See our Where to Buy page......



All beef products use our grass fed naturally raised Piedmontese Beef, are aged 7-14 days for the tenderness, then vacuum packaged and quick frozen to assure the best taste and storage life.

Our beef and processed meats are crafted at Kewaskum Frozen Foods, Inc., in Kewaskum, WI.  They have won numerous awards for their meat products in national competition, and use state of the art processes to assure that our products are the best tasting and safest possible.  Coming from a Wisconsin State Inspected Meat Processor, our products can be shipped to consumers throughout the country.  At this time State Inspection does not allow us to sell to restaurants or wholesale distributors outside of Wisconsin.

Scroll down, or click a category to see the product list for:

Processed Meats-

All Beef Breakfast Sausage  
Beef Bacon  
All Beef Bratwurst  
All Beef Ring Bologna Full or half ring
All Beef Skinless Wieners  
All Beef Summer Sausage Plain, Garlic, or Hot
Sliced or Stick
Beef Jerky Plain, Teriyaki, or BBQ
2oz stick or 6pack
Beef Sticks Regular, garlic, jalapeno, hot,
or hot jalapeno
4 pack or 12 pack

Beef Steaks-

Tenderloin When available
Rib Eye Steak  
New York Strip  
Porterhouse Steak  
T-Bone Steak  
Sirloin Steak  
Steakettes 1/4# and 1/2# patties

Beef Roasts-

Sirloin Tip Roast  
Rolled Rump Roast  
Chuck Roast  
Ground Beef Approx 1# packs
Beef Patties Approx 1# packs of
1/4# or 1/3# patties

Freezer Bundles-

25# Beef Pack Approx 11# ground beef,
6# roasts, 8# steaks
50# Beef Pack Approx 21# ground beef,
12# roasts, 17# steaks
Whole, side, or split side We sell you the beef, you pay for processing and pickup at Kewaskum Frozen Foods, in Kewaskum, Wisconsin

Pastured Chickens-


Pastured Turkeys

White Broad Breasted variety

Fresh Chicken Eggs-

Medium As available
Extra Large  
Jumbo As available     Copyright 2009-2016   Jeff-Leen Farm.    Last modified: 01/14/16
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